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We are currently accepting applications for the following clinics….

Spring Adult Clinics

Our Adult clinics are intended for beginner to novice level adult players and are designed for adult players looking to improve their overall hockey skills. We are offering an two Adult clinics this spring, an Adult Men's "Skating Skills" clinic skating on Tuesday evenings beginning March 5 and an Adult Women's general skills clinic skating on Wednesday evenings beginning March 6. Both clinics will skate at the Family Ice Center in Falmouth.

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Spring Youth Clinics

Our Spring Youth clinics offer five divisions catering to players age 5 through 16.  We are offering divisions at the Family Ice Center in Falmouth, the Norway Savings Bank Arena in Auburn, and the Maine Ice Vault in Augusta.  All of our Spring Youth Clinics will skate for seven consecutive weeks beginning the week of April 21 and each division will skate for two hours each week. The first hour is a practice session where the curriculum will focus on individual skating, puck control and passing skills. The second hour is a controlled scrimmage where we will concentrate on increasing the speed of play and offering individual instruction during playing time.

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Spring Girls Clinics

We are offering two girls only clinics this spring catering to differenct skill levels and competitive desires. The first is our "Girls" clinic intended for less experienced players who are looking to improve their core hockey skills. This division is for girls who are competing at the middle school and high school level and is also open to adult women. The curriculum will focus on skating skills with some exposure to puck control and passing skills. The pace of practice will be fast, however the tone will be slightly less intimidating. The second is our "Select Girls" clinic intended for more competitive female hockey players ages 11 to 15. The curriculum will include some power skating skills with more imphasis on agility skating, puck control and passing and an introduction to "Game Skills". Both clinics skate on Sunday mornings beginning April 28 and will skate for seven consectutive weeks.

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Spring High School Clinic

Our High School clinic is intended for High School and Prep School level players with strong skating and puck skills.  The curriculum will provide instruction on advanced skating, puck control and passing skills.  The focus of this clinic, however, will be on improving the players’ vision and understanding of game concepts.  This division will skate on Sunday afternoons at the Family Ice Center in Falmouth beginning April 28 and will skate for seven consectutive weeks. This clinic is not intended for beginners.

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What’s New….

The Rousseau’s – Maine’s First Family of Hockey

You’re lucky to catch Guy Rousseau in the skate shop during the summer. The 79-year old French Canadian, who spends five days a week revolving rinks during the winter, spends a fair amount on fairways playing golf in the summer, enjoying beach life in Old Orchard. But just try to keep him away. “Monsieur Rousseau?” I ask as I stroll into the skate shop, knowing full well he’s in his Zen. “Ah, oui. Who is that? JC!” is the retort I knew was coming as I am greeted with a smile and a high five to match. Read more on


Each year we receive several testimonials from current and former students sharing their positive experience with our program and the advances that they have made in their hockey skills and enjoyment of the game.  What really warms our hearts are the experiences that former students share citing the impact that our program and teachings had on their lives and how they are now passing these values on to their children.

We are a family of hockey coaches and have been studying the game for 30 years.  We have learned how to break down the games skills and concepts to its roots and have developed a curriculum to effectively teach them to players of all levels.  Playing hockey is about having fun.  It’s fun to compete, to improve, to work toward a goal and to achieve it.  We hope to have the opportunity to share time with you on the ice this off-season. 

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