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Our Philosophy


At Rousseau's Hockey Clinic, we believe that hockey has to be fun.  We also believe that players with good skills have more fun.  Our program is designed to improve a hockey player's skating, puck handling and passing skills.  We also work on developing a player's vision and knowledge of all positions.


We believe that hockey can only be enjoyed through hard work and discipline.  There are no magic secrets to becoming a good hockey player.  Success in hockey comes from years of training and hard work.
If a player is to play with passion and determination, he must practice with emotion and purpose.  Our program is intense and aggressive.  Our staff expends a lot of energy and we expect the same work ethic and effort from our students.  We expect our students to work on their physical conditioning and to desire to be the best hockey players that they can be.


We have gained a significant amount of knowledge throughout our careers as hockey coaches.  Our Senior Coaching Staff has more than 100 years of combined coaching experience.  We have learned the necessary skills and ideas concerning the game of hockey, but what is most compelling are the values we, as hockey players, have all gained.  Not every player makes it to the NHL, but hockey players become winners.  Hockey teaches discipline and teamwork, how to handle failure and success, and it provides a lifetime of enjoyment, friendship and physical fitness.


We believe that the relationships that we develop with our students extend beyond a typical coach / player relationship.  Because our clinics run over an extended time period, our staff has the opportunity to develop sincere friendships with our students.


Rousseau's Hockey Clinic is a family run hockey school.  We do not offer the big names or fancy campuses that many other hockey schools offer.  We just love the game of hockey and we love to watch our students improve.  Last summer, more than half of our registrants were students returning for their second, third and even fourth season.  We are looking forward to skating with many of them again this year. Our program is a lot of fun and we hope that you will join us on the ice!