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Customer Testimonials


This is what some of our athletes have shared with us about there experiences at our clinics....



"Dear Coach Rousseau, Please pass on our compliments to the Rousseau Hockey Clinic staff for yet another awesome session.  Even though I was only able to catch the last few minutes each week, it's easy to see  Trevor's progress since he first stepped on the ice in April 2019 is incredible.  He's excited for the upcoming 2020 season (and so are we!)." - Rob and Val L. 8/09/20


"Dear Coach Rousseau, We wanted to let you know that we all thought the spring/summer clinics were fanastic.  Trevor, really enjoyed himself each week.  Even though he's still one of the weaker skaters, his improvement was dramatic.  We really appreciate the hard work and time your staff puts into making the program happen.  We look forward to doing it again next year." - Rob and Val L. 8/21/19


"Dear Coach Rousseau, Corey and Chloe love attending your clinics and their skills have greatly increased since we found you guys.  You truly make hockey enjoyable while teaching the important fundamentals to make lifelong hockey players." - Corey S. 7/18/19



I"Dear Coach Rousseau, wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for providing a great experience for my son Ben.  He has often trailed in the drills but has always been given support and encouragement to complete.  Members of your staff have gone above and beyond to help Ben when he is struggling.  Ben loves hockey and he has loved the experience and takes what you have taught him to heart.  He is doing his push ups and sit ups during commercial breaks and tells me "Practice makes permanent!"  Thanks again" - David H. 8/15/18



"Dear Coach Rousseau, My son has attended your clinics for the past seven years. You and your family have been great male role models for him over the years, and the impact & influence you’ve had on him, around character development, responsibility, accountability, mentoring others, are absolutely invaluable. I’m sure there are literally thousands of kids who’ve learned life lessons in various degrees through your programs over the years – and that’s proven by how many really good young people you have who keep coming back to help in the clinics through college and young adulthood and as they start their own families." - Grace B.  11/5/15



"Dear Coach Rousseau, I went to a coaching clinic designed for female hockey players put on by USA Hockey. The reason I am telling you this is because the lectures kept reiterating the importance of teaching girls the right way to play, teaching good habits and breaking bad ones. The whole time I thought to myself, I am so lucky that I attended the Rousseau's clinic when I started playing hockey because you guys taught me how to do the fundamentals right! Practice makes permanent is what I remember being told and, now that I'm coaching, I tell that to my players all of the time. I just wanted to say thank you for running such a great clinic for all of these years. I looked forward to the time when my children are excited to start playing and can attend the clinic. Thank you again for all that you guys have done not just for me but for all of the hockey players who have attended your clinics." - Megan V.  9/28/15



"Dear Coach Rousseau, I wanted to thank you for running an outstanding hockey clinic again this year. I coach a Middle School team along with a youth Pee Wee team and I thoroughly enjoy watching you and your coaches conduct your sessions. The kids respond and improve every year under your program and I often incorporate many of your ideas into my practice plans as a result. Needless to say, my son loves your program and looks forward to attending every year. To me, that's the best indication of a job well done. Thanks again to you and your coaches." - Chris S.  8/17/15



"Dear Coach Rousseau, I have many fond memories of Rousseau's clinics and firmly believe I would not be where I am today without them. You taught me how to skate when I was young, which game me an advantage throughout my hockey career to date. I am currently playing in my second year at the Ontario Hockey Academy and next season I will be playing at Phillips Exeter Academy. At the start of my first year in Canada, I was not even close to the skill level of most players. However, I could skate and keep up with the play and that kept me off the bench. I will always remember the skating skills that I learned at Rousseau's clinics and hope to pass them on when I am a coach myself." - Joseph B.  3/22/15



"Dear Coach Rousseau, Quick note to say thanks to you and your staff for putting on (again) another series of great sessions.   On the ride home last night, I asked Jeremy what Coach told them at the end last night and the first thing he came up with was to remember what you guys had talked about in the locker room between skating and scrimmages.  When I asked him what that was, I was kind of amazed that he rattled off all the topics you’d discussed over the past weeks i.e. details, what’s important.   Jeremy loves hockey, loves being pushed at practices to get better and loves your team’s coaching methods.  We are lucky to have you and your staff here in central/mid coast/southern Maine to give them coaching they might not get in their regular leagues. Again, thanks." - Bob  P  8/27/14



"Dear Coach Rousseau, I just wanted to send along a quick thank you.  As I mentioned before, Zachary had a great experience in your clinics.  It was the perfect timing for him as he was needing an outlet and loves hockey.  Thanks again for taking him even though he was an older student and thanks for offering a great program.  He has grown a lot and learned a lot about himself during this period.  He has also gained a great deal of respect for you.  I am sure you will be hearing from him in the future." - Lynn L.  7/14/14



"Dear Coach Rousseau,  We want you to know that the clinic that our daughter just completed was ABSOLUTELY the best.  She improved so much and her confidence in herself and as a player skyrocketed!  We will be looking for opportunities with you in the future.  Thanks so much for all that you do and we can't wait to have our daughter skate with you again soon! -  Caitlin L. 6/28/14



"Dear Gary,  I just wanted to take a minute and send praise your way.  I think you do an excellent job with your adult clinics.  The content of each session is well planned and prepared for and it’s obvious that a lot of thought goes into the program.  You display deep and abundant knowledge of the sport of hockey, you are ready and willing to share the knowledge and do so through good, effective teaching skills and methods.  I’m also very impressed with your son Erik.  He has learned well.  Erik is a superb skater, a skilled hockey player and a likable guy.  He’s got an agreeable personality and he also has developed good communications skills along with good teaching skills.  You have multiple reasons to be proud.  The guys helping you and Erik are also worthy of praise.  To a man they are skilled and knowledgeable hockey players, friendly and willing to help us attendees.  I was admiring Coach Racine the other night.  Heck the guy is not only a good goaltender and goalie coach but he can also play out on the sheet, defense or forward.  The skating drills yeah they are tedious, awkward and accentuate our clumsiness but we all agree that skating is the essential skill in the sport.  It clearly separates the good and accomplished players from the rest.  Please keep up the good work.  Lord willing, I’ll see you on the ice again nest clinic."  - Peter M.  4/28/14



"Dear Coach Rousseau, We had a great experience with your clinic these past couple of months. Hunter learned a lot, continued to improve, and had a blast. We appreciate the structure and coaching style and look forward to future clinics with you. Stay Great," – Eric C. 6/14/14



"Dear Coach Rousseau, I would like to thank you and your staff for your time and instruction for my son Avery. He had a good time playing hockey, I think we did at least six or more of your clinics, and he learned so much. Now he is graduating, he will still play hockey in an adult league in the area. As a satisfied parent, I will always recommend your clinics to people, looking to help improve their skating, skills and enjoyment of the game, as I know my son feels the same." – Paul J.



"Dear Coach Rousseau, I just wanted to thank you for coaching me this summer in the clinic. Not only did I have a lot of fun, but I also learned a lot from you too.  I know that I improved greatly and I also learned what I have to continue to work on. I am very thankful that I was able to do this clinic this summer and have you as a coach!" – Sam J.



"Dear Coach Rousseau, I want to thank you and your excellent team assisting you at your recent hockey skills clinic at the Ice Vault in Augusta.  This was the second time my son David has been enrolled in your excellent hockey skills clinic and we have been very pleased with what we see as the outcome.  Not only did David’s overall skating abilities improve but we saw improvement in his attitude, general level of respectfulness and attentiveness to his improvement.  We give your clinic so much credit because you have managed to reach David through your expectations for excellence.  It made the sacrifice of the four hour round trip drive to Augusta from Bangor not only worth the time and expenses but a very rewarding experience for us because of the great life lessons you managed to teach David as they came out in our conversations.  I am so thrilled that you have helped David reach beyond his comfort zone, to challenge himself and then to be proud of the hard work invested as he sees his efforts rewarded in improvement in his play.  I thank you and your team for going the extra distance for David.  We look forward to seeing you and your team again next Spring." – Heather B.



"Dear Coach Rousseau, I just want to thank you for providing such a great hockey clinic!  My son Curran loved it and will be coming back next year. I was very impressed with your skill building and fun but rigorous rapport with the kids.  As a first season player Curran really needed some practice with skating especially, and I felt your staff did an amazing job!" – Megan G.



"Good Morning Coach Rousseau.  We are grandparents to Jason M.’s who is enrolled in your current clinic in Falmouth and we are two of Jason's biggest fans.  I don't usually open emails about hockey camps/clinics because they are traditionally extremely expensive.  But, we are thrilled that for some reason I opened your email about the Rousseau's Hockey Clinics.  Not only was it affordable, but we soon learned what an extensive, impressive, well organized, and exciting hockey clinic we had registered Jason for.  We were even more delighted when after the first clinic Jason was exhausted, but really energized and impressed himself with the clinic.  We have encouraged Jason to ask about other clinics in the future.  Jason has noticeably developed in the few clinics thus far which has really spirited his self-esteem.  I, myself, am not a hockey fan which I try very hard not to acknowledge with our family.  I was able to watch the second clinic session and WOW - I was very pleasantly surprised!  What a great clinic for Jason.  It has proven to be a great experience for all of us." – Kathi & Jim M.



"Dear Coach Rousseau, thank you to you and the rest of your family for everything you did for me over the years. I'm not sure you realize what a huge impact you all had on my life (and many others no doubt), but it's important that you do. Oddly enough, I now work full-time as a strength and conditioning coach training hockey players out of a private gym in Ontario.  And even though it's been quite a few years since I was back in Maine, I'm amazed at how much my coaching style and philosophy is a reflection of the Rousseau's.  I think it's taken me few years of coaching under my belt to really grasp this.  Obviously it was the hockey that brought me to your family's clinics, but to be honest, it was the mid-session locker room chats that kept me there.  It was always clear that your whole family cared deeply about the game and the players you worked with. I also understand that as a coach, you hope that people are listening. You hope they understand how much you care and how hard you work.  I guess that's what compels me to simply let you know that you guys did well, and I was listening...probably more than you think.  I only hope I can pay it forward to my own athletes with the same level of integrity now that I'm in your position." – Eric H.



"Dear Coach Rousseau, my daughter CC is enrolled in your Thursday evening Clinic in Falmouth, and I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your program is.  It is all she has talked about the last few days, I can’t tell you enough how nice it was to see such organization with all the instructors, I was apprehensive about sending her to hockey camp because of the cost and the fact that I have 3 other children who all wanted to do a camp this summer but this is by far the best investment out of the 3 different camps my other kids attended.  Thank you for having such a great staff."  - Ruth-Ann L.



"Dear Coach Rousseau, this morning, I was talking to my wife about responsibilities, since she was worried about balancing work and home.  I thought back to your clinics and the experiences that I had as a young hockey player, specifically, one of the talks you gave about how we're all juggling the balls of school (now work), family and friends, and all the other things that are available to consume our time and having to set priorities.  That your family and your faith always has to be your first priority, and that your academics come next.  After that, you have to choose what you want to do.  There are a couple other lessons that stuck, like the talk about school, sports and social life - pick two and school has to be one of the ones you pick.  Anyway, I wanted you to know that I still look back on my time at your clinics and that the lessons that I learned than are still important to me today.  I'm glad to know the clinics are still going on, and thanks for everything." – Matt L.



"Dear Coach Rousseau, my daughter has done two clinics through your program this year. She absolutely LOVES playing and we are thrilled that she had such a great experience in your programs! Thank you and your coaching team for giving her such a positive and exciting welcome to the world of Hockey!! We wi be back for more clinic work soon!!" - Kellie I.