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Spring'20 Adult Clinics


Rousseau’s Hockey Clinic began with a core philosophy that players with better skills have more fun playing hockey.  Whether we are working with a young player who aspires to play at the collegiate level or an adult beginner who’s looking to improve his play in his weekly pickup game, helping them improve their skills and understanding game concept will help them to achieve their goals.  Our adult clinics are intended for beginner and novice level players. They are designed for both adult men and women looking to improve their overall hockey skills.


This spring, we are offering two adult clinics.  The first is an Adult Men's "Skating Skills" clinic and the second is an Adult Women's "General Skills" clinic. Both clinics will skate at the Family Ice Center in Falmouth.

Adult Men's "Skating Skills" Clinics - $285

This Clinic is full. see our home page for information on our "Puck Skills" clinic starting April 28

Family Ice Center, Falmouth
Tuesday evenings at 7:20 PM, Beginning 3/10 and skating seven consecutive weeks through 4/21. The curriculum will cover proper skating skills specific to ice hockey. The practice plans will progress from the proper forward and backward stride through starts, stops and skating turns. The objective is to improve skating balance and control and improve skating efficiency and puck control & passing skills.

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Adult Women's "General Skills" Clinic - $285

4 skater spots still open

Family Ice Center, Falmouth
Wednesday evenings at 7:20 PM, Beginning 3/11 and skating seven consecutive weeks through 4/22. The curriculum will cover general hockey skills beginning with an introduction to power skating skills specific to ice hockey and will progress to puck control and passing skills with an introduction to "Game Skills".

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Each adult division will include seven, two-hour ice sessions.  The first hour of ice time will consist of a practice session focused on skill development. During the second hour of ice time, we will conduct a controlled scrimmage where we will concentrate on increasing the speed of play while offering individual instruction in between shifts.  Each session will also include a fifteen-minute "Chalk Talk" during which essential game concepts are introduced.


Our Adult clinics will also feature instruction for goaltenders.  We will have a goalie coach at each session in order to offer specific instruction to goalies. Goalies skate for a reduced tuition of $175 and will work directly with our goalie instructor for the full first hour of each session.


A deposit of $150 is due with your application, and the balance is due by the first session. Space is limited and applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. This program promises to be a great workout and a great deal of fun.  We encourage you not to hesitate in returning your applications; our clinics fill quickly, and we are often forced to return applications.



A note from one of our adult students

"Dear Gary,  I just wanted to take a minute and send praise your way.  I think you do an excellent job with your adult clinics.  The content of each session is well planned and prepared for and it’s obvious that a lot of thought goes into the program.  You display deep and abundant knowledge of the sport of hockey, you are ready and willing to share the knowledge and do so through good, effective teaching skills and methods.  I’m also very impressed with your son Erik.  He has learned well.  Erik is a superb skater, a skilled hockey player and a likable guy.  He’s got an agreeable personality and he also has developed good communications skills along with good teaching skills.  You have multiple reasons to be proud.  The guys helping you and Erik are also worthy of praise.  To a man they are skilled and knowledgeable hockey players, friendly and willing to help us attendees.  I was admiring Coach Racine the other night.  Heck the guy is not only a good goaltender and goalie coach but he can also play out on the sheet, defense or forward.  The skating drills yeah they are tedious, awkward and accentuate our clumsiness but we all agree that skating is the essential skill in the sport.  It clearly separates the good and accomplished players from the rest.  Please keep up the good work.  Lord willing, I’ll see you on the ice again next clinic."  - Peter M.  4/28/14